Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2012...thus far

 It has been beautiful weather. 
March went out like a Lamb. 
(It was pretty chilly March 1 so I guess that was the Lion)
April 1st the high was into the 80's.
We spent most of the day outside working on projects
and got a wee little sunburn. 


Then it snowed on April 3rd.
(and it was garbage day...) 
 I was so afraid all the pretty blooms would drop from the trees. 
My neighbors pink blooms are MY FAVORITE

 But here we are on April 4th with these beauties:

 I believe her tree is a fruit bearing plum tree.  
We just might have to become a little better friends this year!  :-)  
Happy Spring, from beautiful Colorado

Monday, January 2, 2012

Resolution 2012

Last year my 
Resolution 2011
was to ENJOY.

I did well.  I took time to enjoy the little things.  
I enjoyed every little minute I was able to spend in my studio
I enjoyed each of my children.
and for the most part I enjoyed each of their personalities 
and embraced each of them for the little people they are becoming.  

I feel like make it my resolution I was able to 
better live my life "in joy."
This has probably been one of the happiest years of my life.
Nothing spectacular happened, 
and each challenge I was given was met with a positive attitude 
and a smile!  

my Resolution 2012
is to CREATE.

Create happiness in my home
Create memories with my family
Create healthy meals on a regular basis
Create energy and strength in my body 
Create art
Create Harmony

I am so excited to for this new resolution.  
It is such a small word 
that is going to have a big impact in my world.  

I hope your 2012 brings you all the Enjoy's and Create's that you are looking for!  

Saturday, December 31, 2011

Christmas 2011

We have survived the holiday season of 2011!

I made homemade popcorn for our friends and neighbors.
 Peanut Butter with Reece's Pieces & Butterscotch drizzle
 White Chocolate with Dark Chocolate Drizzle
 Nutella with Chocolate Drizzle
 Cinnamon White Chocolate with Craisins and Sugared Pecans

 The kiddos did an amazing job making sugar cookies.  
All those years of letting them have at it and 
keeping their cookies separate from the edible ones
has finally paid off!  
They did A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.
 This is what our house looked like when we left for 
our Wyoming Christmas.  
(We definitely left a white Christmas behind)
 Taking some time for a little pre-Christmas shooting!
 They grow up too fast!!  
Here we are:
Crazy as ever! Living life to the fullest!
and ENJOYing every little minute of it!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Kindsight

I was in my kickboxing class yesterday and the instructor mentioned something about "Kindsight." 
I didn't comprehend everything she said at the time 
(I was doing jump squats...cut a girl some slack)
but said "kindsight" over in my head 10 times 
so I could remember to google it when I got home.  

And this is what I found:


and ask

What was I learning?

As a woman who likes to
"make things perfect"
"not rock the boat"
I have found the holiday's especially stressful, trying to make everything perfect instead of living in the moment and making memories.  If I look back to my past 3 years I am amazed at all the things that I have learned.  By opening myself up to what the universe wants to teach me, i have learned to stop and breathe.  I am not perfect at it. But this journey has been worth the effort. 
I am looking forward to being in the moment with my family this holiday season. And I hope that I can treat myself with Kindsight.
My wish is the same for you!  

Wednesday, November 30, 2011


We left a festively decorated house this year 

For a cozy family weekend in 
Estes Park Colorado
with Grandma & Grandpa Daniel
 We stayed in a darling swedish inspired hotel

Did some shopping downtown
 Ate Carmel Apples
 And Ice Cream
 In the winter of course.
 We had Thanksgiving dinner at the charming onsite restaurant!
 Grandma and her only Grand-daughter.
 Our beautiful meal.
(My favorite was the savory squash)

I didn't get pictures of the Holiday Parade on Friday night
because as we were 10 minutes away from it starting
a major winter flurry
hit us head on.  
We all took cover but were walking snowmen within 3 minutes.
It was crazy.  
We had to watch the parade sideways.

 The view on our way out of town.  
That is snow blowing off the peaks...not a cloud.  

Estes Park is G-O-R-G-E-O-U-S
and we can't wait to go back to visit.

Locks of Billie's Love

Billie has been begging me to let her cut her hair again for charity....
for MONTHS.  

So he we are BEFORE 
on our way to the appointment....
a little wind blown! 
 Brittany did a wonderful job. 
We ended up with 4 pony tails
12 inches each.  
 I was freaking out inside a little bit.
 But not as much as dad was...
He liked her long hair....ALOT!
 Don't worry daddy.
It'll grow out.
And it went to a wonderful cause.
Her heart, makes mine swell 10x's bigger.
She is so thoughtful and amazing!  

Thankful Moments

 November FLEW BY!

Grant and Billie went to their first Middle School Dance.
All the kids wanted to wear white because 
it was black lighted.  

James celebrated his 10th Birthday on 
We talked to Grandma & Grandpa's
and then we skyped with G&G Daniel

Our cousin came to share his birthday with James. 
They were born on the same day.  
It was so much fun.  
We played, had dinner at Red Robin (YUM!), shopped at the Lego store,
Opened Gifts, Had Dairy Queen Ice Cream Cake,
Played XBOX Kinnect, legos, watched Cars 2, swam at the hotel
and most of all made wonderful memories!