Thursday, December 1, 2011

December Kindsight

I was in my kickboxing class yesterday and the instructor mentioned something about "Kindsight." 
I didn't comprehend everything she said at the time 
(I was doing jump squats...cut a girl some slack)
but said "kindsight" over in my head 10 times 
so I could remember to google it when I got home.  

And this is what I found:


and ask

What was I learning?

As a woman who likes to
"make things perfect"
"not rock the boat"
I have found the holiday's especially stressful, trying to make everything perfect instead of living in the moment and making memories.  If I look back to my past 3 years I am amazed at all the things that I have learned.  By opening myself up to what the universe wants to teach me, i have learned to stop and breathe.  I am not perfect at it. But this journey has been worth the effort. 
I am looking forward to being in the moment with my family this holiday season. And I hope that I can treat myself with Kindsight.
My wish is the same for you!  


Rochelle said...

Oh Kickboxing! Are you just in LOVE with Lifetime Fitness? I sure miss that place (and my in shape body). Amen to "kindsight"

Victoria ObSEUSSed said...

Thank you for sharing about Kindsight. What a great thought to ponder. Thanks for your Christmas card too. I don't think I'm getting around to making my own again but I'm using Kindsight to remind me not to hit myself in the head about it.