Wednesday, April 4, 2012

April 2012...thus far

 It has been beautiful weather. 
March went out like a Lamb. 
(It was pretty chilly March 1 so I guess that was the Lion)
April 1st the high was into the 80's.
We spent most of the day outside working on projects
and got a wee little sunburn. 


Then it snowed on April 3rd.
(and it was garbage day...) 
 I was so afraid all the pretty blooms would drop from the trees. 
My neighbors pink blooms are MY FAVORITE

 But here we are on April 4th with these beauties:

 I believe her tree is a fruit bearing plum tree.  
We just might have to become a little better friends this year!  :-)  
Happy Spring, from beautiful Colorado


JCAbrcrmb said...

Beautiful blossoming trees!! =D Sure do miss you!

Connie said...

Hey there!! I can't find an email address for you in my email contacts. Are you still blogging?